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Crossfire event with our friends up north. KMSP and CYWG. 2100z-0100z Read More

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Play Ball!
1800-2200 CDT / 2300-0300z

Lace up your cleats, grab your sunflower seeds and bubblegum, and rub some dirt in your gloves! Dubbed the "greatest show on dirt", Omaha is proud to be host to the NCAA Mens' College World Series! Join us as we staff Omaha Eppley Airfield during the tournament championship weekend!

KOMA will be staffed from 2300-0300z (1800-2200 CDT) for arrivals and departures.

Controller Assignments

3 positions available
MSP_11_CTR Dhruv Kalra
2 positions available
OMA_W_APP Tyler Patten
Local Control
3 positions available
OMA_GND Maius Wong
OMA_TWR Torrell Booker

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